Mauerpark was created with the hope of being a community space; however due to covid-19 we have had to close our store at 500 Church. Please sign up for our newsletter to be kept up to date on seasonal offerings. Email info@mauerparksf.com with any questions! Don’t be a stranger. Just because we need to keep our distance from each other physically doesn’t mean we need to emotionally distance ourselves. 

With Joy, Salome


Missing the Mauerpark cakes?

Email us to order whole cakes for pickup in the Castro. Available flavors as follows: German Apfelkuchen, Beesting, Donauwelle, Hazelnut Chocolate Coconut, and Marble Cake


As we slide into October I am offering
fresh made pretzel pick ups twice a week.

Par-bake and Cheesy Pretzels also available  

$2.75 each for par-bake and fully baked regular pretzels
$3.50 each for cheesy pretzels

Need Interior Design Tips?

Would you be interested in getting a free 30 minute design consultation from Salome? She did the design, decorations and displays at Mauerpark and would love to help you bring some of Mauerpark's style into your home.